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Thermal Management System

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As a key part for the LED module, Arrlux’s heat sinks provide a simple and cost-effective method to improve the thermal performance in various lighting applications. 

According to Chimney Effect, the cool air around the bottom of the heat sink (close to light source) takes place of the rising hot air, by this passive cooling way, it forms a relatively high air velocity field in which the hot air convects with cool air so that it diffuses the hot air and keep fluency, therefore eliminate the Heat Island Effect from the bottom of heat sink. Make more rational use of Chimney Principle, it accelerates the air flow and eliminate the Heat Island Effect from the bottom of heat sink. Save material costs and reduce the weight of the fixture, also improve the thermal performance. 

The main cooling methods for LED lighting are heat conduction and heat convection. Our company is using aluminum heat sink modules which could solve the problems of low cooling efficiency and thermal conductivity which have a big effect on the lifetime of power and LEDs and other accessories.

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